What Comic books are commonly known by Everyone?

Many of us until today are still fan of reading comic books especially children and teenagers. Because of the essence of how it was created that makes readers to have interest reading these books whenever they have free time or they are not busy. Comic books are great and it gives us a good time to relax and enjoy our free time. Among these books, let’s find out the most popular books that gains a lot of sales according to the record of the history. Here are the list of the popular comic books of all the time.

Batman. Who doesn’t know about these very famous comic book in the world? Everyone knows about these comic books even children at their young age knows about this. This is one of the best selling comic book in the market which was also filmed into a movie from the book itself.

Superman.  Just like batman, this was also one of the comic books that everybody knows. This is a superhero genre wherein famous for most American, because this was an American comic book.

The Mighty Thor.  This comic book is a marvelous type of comic book which means the character is from a Disney character. This is also known as one of the top selling comic books of all the time which was also filmed into a movie shown in many cinema around the world.

Alice in Wonderland. This is commonly known by most teenagers now. This is an amazing comic book of all the time wherein it gives us much lessons to learn in our life. One of the best comic book.

Others have been specify in the infographic above.