The list of 10 supervillains in the detective comics (DC Comics)

The DC comics is famous as one who has many characters of superheroes and also of villains. There are many comics that was published already by the company. There are many detective comics that they had published before and they were just revived years after when there came a concern about the losing interest in reading comics. The superheroes that were admired and appreciated by many was revived and put into fresh characters and there was a turning back of readers.

The time came that these comics were also made into movies. They became more popular with the people. Those who can buy and rent comics was given the chance to be able to know this characters before they were made into movies. Many avid readers and fan even collect the comics printed and all the comic memorabilia and other accessories. They are not just for the young children but they were also loved by adults. There are many adults who began reading comics when they were young and continue to do so even if they are an adult.

In the video is not about superheroes but the villains who became also popular. If there are no villains then we cannot know about the superheroes ability and skill. We can appreciate them because of the presence of the villain. There are sometimes villains who became well known rather than the superheroes. In the video is the list of ten of this characters and one of them is Bane.