List of the Top Publishing Company of Comic Books

When we are reading comic books, we come to think about the people behind this amazing books that we are reading. In order for us to give a big applause to the people behind this successful comic books of all the time, let’s find out the top publishing companies that is the reason of the success of the top anf famous comic books in the history. In the infographics below, it shows you the list of the top comic book publisher.

As one of the leading in the comic book industry, the Marvel Comic gains its popularity in the world because of its Disney character that everybody intended to love them more and more. They are superman, batman, thor, flash, wonderwoman and many more that keeps them alive in our mind until today. They are an amazing characters that makes the alive when they created an animated movie of these comic books. It is the way how Marvel Comic publishing company becomes the top in the list.

Following by the other publishing company that gives a lot of contribution also in making their books to be one of the top and popular to all readers. Not only Marvel comic book but there are also DC comic, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Valiant and many more as you can  see in the infographics above. These publishing company, distributed a lot of famous comic books in the market that makes it on the top also. Until today, these famous publishing companies are continuing to create amazing comic books that makes everyone to love it more and more.