Knowing the list of 10 popular superheroes from the Marvel comics

It is very amazing when you watch movies in cinemas because you can really enjoy the sound effects and the lighting that they have already prepared. Watching with the big screen in front of you is a very different experience when you are watching a television or on your laptop. You will get to be excited and can jump up from your seat when you become excited. But do not do it because the one behind you may speak against you.

The video shows the ten characters that are superheroes belonging to the Marvel comics. Some may disagree with the list but these are just opinions and not final conclusions of who is the best. You can see here the different superheroes that have been part already of the media. What is interesting is that the comics who were made into movies now can have other versions like part one or part two having additional stories that would make the movie still interesting keeping the basic facts about the superheroes.

One of the characters in the list is the punisher who by its name you can know what has happened that he turns to like that. Another character is the daredevil that many have already watched. Another character which is in the number three is the Iron Man. because of the love and yearn for justice that people also like to watch the detective movies but they have the same time. Do you want a good looking fashion wedding dress? Jasmine fashion dresses is the one that you are looking for. This is a good bridal company and I trust them with their many designs.