Featuring the marvel characters: The history of Wolverine

You may already know about the Wolverine if you love comics and superheroes. Do you know much about it? Do you know its history? If you do not know then this article is for you because it features the history of Wolverine. Many people know about it because of the movie but they do not know when it was started to be written in comics and was given a costume, life, and character. Let us know about it then in the video below.

The comic was written by Len Wein and John Romita had made a cameo of it in the comic in the story of the incredible hulk. It was made in the year 1974. When it became famous the character was made a story and included in the comic. The one who designed the appearance of the character is John Romita. They give him an animal to based what the wolverine would look like. From the time he was given life in the comics he became popular already and gain his own fans.

If you want to know about his family background you can see it in the video. If you watch the whole then you will understand much about it. His character, his life and also achievements that were written about him in the story was explained so that you can know about this amazing character that will become famous around the world not just for the kids but also for the adults.