Electra by Sophocles: The story of vengeance, deception and mourning

There are many authors that have written great pieces of art in literature. As there are many genres of art, people can choose among them. Ibn schools, it is common that you will see performances of plays, dances, songs and many others that can help the creativity of many people. The audience also greatly appreciate what they do and they are even moved on the performances. One of the literary pieces written a long time ago is entitled Electra that is written by Sophocles a famous writer.

The infographic provides you with the story. It was written about the summary of the story that it is about the vengeance that was committed by the brother of Electra. Electra wants to avenge the death of their father. Their father was killed by their mother so his brother has made the action to bring her to justice. There are other characters in the story. You would know about Aegisthus the lover of the Queen Clytemnestra, the mother of Electra.

This play was written originally in Ancient Greek and the author is well known for his work that he even started to use symbols that have lasted until this time. The author Sophocles has written a total of 120 plays and seven have survived including the Electra. It was performed in theaters and it gives actions and meanings to mourning, deception and also vengeance.  The theme revolved in three areas and that is the duty of family, justice and also revenge. I saw many brides with their gorgeous gowns that makes me feel envy. I like a dazzling gowns to wear on my wedding day. It is because it looks good in my eyes and I like it.