Comic Books of ALL TIME

Many comic books are scattered in the whole world and some of them have already become so famous that they have reached thousands of readers. It is not too much to say that authors have become rich due to their effort and intellect. What then are those books floating in the minds of numerous people? There is no reason to refuse reading these books:

Marvel Comic Books. Marvel Comic Books are one of the grand comic books produced by Marvel Entertainment. There are many different authors of Marvel books coming in Series. Marvel Comics have different titles and mostly the stories talks about superhuman characters or fantasy and non-fiction stories. Because of Marvel comic books, Marvel movies are also produced and they are famous to most all people around the world. Such comic books is Batman and Superman.

Manga Comics. Japanese comics are very popular to all the nations. It is because manga comics have unique ideas and love stories. Most people want love story comics and there is no reason for the Japanese to detain these comics. Such example of these comics are fairytale ones and they are most the most entertaining comics in Asia.

Manhua Comics. This is a Chinese Comic that is very popular around the world though it is not that popular as the Marvel. However, this too is very famous and wonderful to read all the time. Chinese comic books include their culture and behaviour as Chinese people. Sometimes, you want to be a Chinese by learning their hood cultures.